Bully Free Zone

Partin Elementary is a Bully Free Zone!

Bullying/Harassment is an unwanted and repeated written, verbal or physical behavior that is severe or pervasive enough to:

  • create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment
  • cause discomfort or humiliation
  • unreasonably interfere with the individual’s school performance or participation

Bullying Prevention Brochure for Students and Parents

Speakout Hotline

Student Strategies for Bullying

If Someone Else is Being Bullied

  • Refuse to join in if you see someone being bullied. Try to resist pressure to join in.
  • Attempt to defuse bullying situations when you see them starting up. Try to draw attention away from the targeted person; however, never place yourself at risk.
  • If you can do so without risk to your own safety, get a teacher, parent, or other responsible adult to come help immediately.
  • Speak up and/or offer support to bullied peers when you witness bullying.  If you cannot do this at the time, privately support those being hurt with words of kindness or condolence later.
  • Encourage the bullied peer to talk with parents or a trusted adult.